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Meet the Team

Supporting the right of every person to be strong and confident in their own skills, we are In modern society we are leaving our roots farther and farther behind, but you can make your own heritage by visiting with us any time. We’ll leave a seat by the fire for you.

Meanwhile, come meet our contributors…

Jared Stanley

Husband, father, homesteader, public speaker, instructor, gardener, permaculture designer, keeper of ducks, chickens, geese, rabbits, goats and pigs in East Central Mississippi with our Big Family on a Small Farm: Raising Children and Animals, Growing Food and Love, For Life and Education.

Heather Harris

Heather and her family live in an rural town in Northern Indiana where they are able to raise nearly 75% of their own food, including chickens, eggs, and turkeys.  As she continues toward a Master Herbalist degree, her garden has taken a turn from just veggies to many medicinal items.  Join their crazy adventures!

Rachel Durham

A crunchy, Christian, country-raised Army wife traveling with my family until one day we can settle down as homesteaders. Along the way we make the best of each new home with DIY projects and other ways to be as self-sustainable as possible. I hope you enjoy the posts here as I share just a bit of that journey with you!

Gabrielle Yoder

Wife and mother of four with too many pans in the fire. An herbalist and gardener, Gabrielle also went to culinary school and enjoys creating new recipes as well as writing fiction and non-fiction.

Leslie Hanson

Wife, Mother and Grandmother of 19 grand kids first, health and wellness consultant, musician, BA in Chemistry, gardener, natural food and remedy creator and promoter, herbalist, 30 year homeschooler and DIY project lover. Live and travel my with my husband and the 3 youngest of our 7 children, a professional Western Swing group, “The Hanson Family”.

Kim Torchy

Kim Torchy recently moved from the mountains of North Carolina, to New Jersey, the “Garden State”. She’s proud of her two independent thinking daughters, her two grandkids and her home state where pierogi are readily available, people talk to everyone, and we tell it like it is!