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Diaper Rash? Jock Itch? Not So Fresh? We’ve Got You Covered!

So I am a HUGE fan of multi-purpose things. Be it a scrub brush, recipe, clothing, or whatever –  it makes me happy when I am able to do more with less. It also makes our wallet happy and these days that’s super important.

Let me give you a few scenarios that are pretty plausible (at least if you’re me!):

Your new baby spent the night at Grandma’s for the first time. Grandma – or Sparkle Mama as she prefers to be called for some weird reason – is from the old school of child rearing and gave your precious one spaghetti sauce to eat even though your baby is only 5 months old. Sparkle Mama thought it would be fine because she blended it up but your baby’s diaper tells a different story. Your baby’s bum is scalded and has a horrible diaper rash. What else did that woman feed your child? Who even cares about that because what are you going to do about their poor little baboon bottom? They’re crying, now YOU’RE crying… oh look, now Daddy is crying, too.

Your husband loves his high school gym shorts. You’ve tried to throw away them away three times. He wears them with that hole-y band shirt when he goes jogging around the neighborhood. Where people can see him. The super primped lady with the fake tan and hair extensions down the street smirks now every time she sees you. Your husband is oblivious to your shame (what kind of wife are you if you can’t find a way to throw away clothing your husband clearly enjoys?). He’s so worried about the fate of his too-tight gym shorts going to the Laundry Room of Doom that he hides them in the closet and wears them when he jogs every morning. After a month, he walks up to you, scratching himself, and starts to ask if you’ll look at something for him…

You are totally fried. Stress from job, baby, family, husband, [insert new trauma here] has left you clinging to the edge of sanity. Ice cream sounds good. So do chips. Everything sounds good. You dive happily into a pint of ice cream EVERY night. Maybe you’re pregnant, too. Why not, right? So after a few weeks of this your blood sugar goes up and you start getting a bit of an itch in private places and to put it bluntly, you are starting to smell down there. This isn’t looking good.

Does any of this sound familiar? Maybe it’s just a different scenario but the same basic thing. You have a topical fungal infection and you need help right now. Not tomorrow, no, NOW!

So grab a little ziploc baggie and whip up some of my All Purpose Fungal Powder and you’ll be on the way to relief. I purchase empty powder canisters from Mountain Rose Herbs (not an affiliate, just a fan!) but you can use anything you fancy.

For babies, I sprinkle some on their clean bottoms after every diaper change and the rash usually disappears in about a day unless there is an underlying cause (if you keep giving them things to eat that cause the rash, it will keep coming back).

If my husband, myself, or another family member is affected, then a good sprinkle helps keep things dry and relieves topical itching.

All-Purpose Powder

½ c. arrowroot starch
½ c. kaolin clay
5-10 drops of geranium essential oil

Mix the ingredients for the powder base together and add the geranium oil on top. I usually put this all in a zipper baggy, close it up, and then use my fingers to smush the oil into the powder until I can’t see the clumps anymore.

The arrowroot should ideally be marked as non-GMO since it’s often adulterated with cornstarch. I’ve never checked Bob’s Red Mill but it’s the easiest to obtain and I’ve used it successfully for years. Kaolin clay can be purchased at some health food stores but I always buy it online at Mountain Rose Herbs. White clay or other types of clay can not be substituted for kaolin as they all have different properties! Do NOT use cornstarch in place of arrowroot.

You can find more recipes like this – including why some people keep getting these types of infections – in my new book Using Essential Oils for Yeast and Fungal Infections.

Using Essential Oils for Yeast & Fungal Infections

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