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Western Oregon wife, mother and grandmother of 18, health and wellness consultant, musician, BA in Chemistry, gardener, natural food and remedy creator and promoter, herbalist, 30 years homeschooling and DIY project lover. Live and travel with my husband and the 3 youngest of our 7 children, as a professional Western Swing group, "The Hanson Family".

When we moved from the city to 9 acres in the country, I was given a book called “Herbal Handbook for Farm and Stable” …


Our burn pile was big this past spring and on a beautiful, early April morning my husband lit it up after checking with the …


In a world full of screens, role playing games, and social media it’s easy to forget some of the simple pleasures, like just going …


For the first 7 years we lived in our current home, we barely got 1 gallon of cherries off of our large mature trees …


Free honey bees are readily available in the spring if you are willing to do some extra work, a bit of travel, and feel …


Even up to 25 feet away our new honey bees would come after us. One got in my hair and furiously burrowed down until …